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Electrical Service Panel Upgrade in Lancaster, Berks, Chester & York, PA

Does this look like your panel?
Outdated electric service panel.

Older homes may also need replacement of their electrical panels. The electrical panel is the box that holds your circuit breakers and fuses. It receives power from the electric company and distributes it to all the circuits in your home. Older electrical panels may not provide sufficient power for current homeowners’ needs. The result can be circuit breakers flipping off or fuses blowing.

Older electrical panels can also pose a hidden danger. They may fail to shut off the electric when power overloads or power leaks occur. The result can be melted wires, sparks, fire, or shock hazard. Visit ismypanelsafe.com to check your panel's status.

Upgrade Your Home's Circuit Breaker Panel

New electric service panels.

A new circuit breaker panel is safer, more reliable, and designed to meet the demand's of modern technology and electricity use. If your breaker trips often, the lights flicker, or there are physical signs of damage to the box, it's probably time to upgrade.

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