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Interior Lighting Installation

New Indoor Lights Will Change How You Feel About Your Home


The lighting you choose for your home impacts each room’s mood, character, and usefulness. We can help you plan a new lighting installation for any room in your home, including lighting for outdoor buildings, like sheds, garages, and poolhouses.

Types of Indoor Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting: Add under or over cabinet lighting for better lit food prep areas or lower the lights to set a warm, cozy mood.

Recessed Lighting: Brighten an entire room with recessed lights (also called pot lights). Recessed lighting is ideal for the kitchen, family room, or wherever you want even lighting throughout the room.

Track Lighting: Track lights work well in nearly any area or room. Track lights can be used to lighten a dark hallway or living room. You can also direct them to highlight artwork or family photos hanging on the walls.

Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers: Often used in kitchens and stairways, pendant lighting and chandeliers are practical and have many options to reflect your style and your home’s décor.

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Get More Control Over Your Current Lighting

The Legrand Lighting System integrates your current lights or all new lights together into one customize-able control system. With just a touch of a button or a touch to your smartphone you can have just the right lighting for your needs. The lighting system uses a two-way radio frequency so there is no need to worry about wiring and costly installs.

Benefits of the Legrand Lighting System:


  • Set scenes for each room for quick on and off.
  • Control your lights plus much more in your home.
  • Remote control access.
  • Panic button that flashes all lights in the house.
  • Added feeling of security.
  • Lights turn off and on to a “remembered” schedule while on vacation.
  • Lights turn on as you enter the room.
  • Can be integrated with your security system.

Serving Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and York Counties

We know how challenging and overwhelming some home projects can be. Whether it is a small job like ceiling fan installation, recessed lighting installation, or a more intense job of replacing all of your interior lights, we can handle it for you.

Our licensed electricians provide comprehensive electrical services for homeowners and businesses across Central PA, including Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and York Counties.

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