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Landscape Lighting Installation

Create a Safer, More Beautiful Home Exterior

A well-designed exterior lighting system creates curb appeal and adds depth to your home’s exterior. A professionally-installed landscape lighting system highlights the best parts of your home’s landscape and creates a safer outdoor space.

Common Types of Landscape Lighting

Done right, landscape lighting makes the best of what you’ve got by highlighting your home’s architectural features and drawing attention to prized plantings and trees.

Also known as up-lights or directional lights, these are commonly used to light trees from below.

Pathway & Area Lights
Pathway lights aim the light down for safer paths and walkways.

Hardscape Lights
Hardscapes refer to landscape features made of stones, bricks, tiles, or other hard materials.

Well Lights
This fixture is placed below ground and are used often for hardscaping so people or vehicles can easily pass over the fixture.

Wall Wash Lights
Wash lights are used to illuminate wide surfaces, rather than applying an oval- or wedge-shaped illumination.

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What Is Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Most landscape lighting today is low voltage, and with good reason. Unlike 120-volt systems, it’s safer to work with and less costly to install.

Although low-voltage lights only receive one-tenth the power, thanks to a step-down transformer, there’s no limit to the effects they can achieve.

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