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Home Rewiring

Is Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Safe?


If your home was built before 1950, it may need to be re-wired. Call us at 717-355-9675 if you’re not sure which type of wiring your home has and to get an estimate to rewire it so it’s up to code, safe, and reliable.

Electrical Wiring Upgrade: Why Do It Now

There are two main reasons why you should upgrade your home’s electrical wiring: Safety and power consumption/reliability.

Safety Issues

Knob & Tube Wiring

Many Central PA homes built before 1950 use an outdated wiring system called knob & tube. Knob & tube wiring is no longer installed in new homes because it carries a lighter electrical load compared to modern wiring and might overheat when overloaded.

Cloth Wiring

Before 1950, insulation covering electrical wires was made of cloth (as seen in photo). As cloth ages, it deteriorates and becomes brittle or might even fall off, exposing bare wire. Uninsulated wires can spark, start fires or, if touched, cause electrical shocks. Generally, the older the cloth insulation, the more likely the home needs to be re-wired.

Power Reliability

Our homes use much more electricity today than homes built 40-50 years ago. We have larger refrigerators, security systems, smart devices, and more to charge or keep running.

Here are a few issues you might be experiencing if your home’s wiring isn’t up to modern standards:

  • Breakers trip or fuses blow repeatedly
  • You feel a tingling sensation when you touch an appliance
  • Lights flicker or dim
  • There is a persistent burning smell from a room or appliance
  • Outlets are warm, discolored, or spark when plugging in a device
  • Home has two-prong ungrounded outlets
  • The kitchen & bathrooms do not have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets

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Cost To Upgrade Electrical Panel and Wiring

Here are a few of the major factors that affect the cost of rewiring a home.

Home Size
The square footage and the number of rooms and outlets needed will factor into the cost. More wire and more outlets increase both materials and labor costs.

Project Scope
Are you planning to re-wire one room, upgrade the service panel, or rewire the entire home? Upgrading the service panel and re-wiring the entire home is the most expensive route but also a smart investment, especially if your home has outdated wiring and an old service panel. Your electric system will be safer and more reliable after the upgrade. It can also increase the resale value of your home.

If the wires are difficult to access, that will increase the cost. Sometimes older homes have complex or unique layouts, which can impede the rewiring process, leading to more time and labor needed to complete the job. Plaster walls can also cause issues with fishing new wires. Sometimes a wall might need to be opened and replastered after the new wire is run, leading to higher costs.

"As new owners of a very, very old house we were concerned with the very complicated and messy electrical panel’s & wiring. Darrell from Iddings came out and did a FANTASTIC job with investigating all of the panels and creating a comprehensive plan for us going forward. Now, instead of a headache of messy wires we have a well designed and fully labeled system. Darrel is thoughtful and professional. We will be long time customers as we build out and restore our property!"

Kyra Banes (Google review)

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