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Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

An Outdated Service Panel Can Lead to Trouble


Years ago, a 60- or 100-amp electrical panel was enough to handle a typical home’s electrical use. That has changed. Our modern homes and technology (TVs, appliances, internet connections, etc.) require more power that older electrical panels can’t handle reliably or safely.

Why Upgrade Your Electric Service Panel?

A new circuit breaker panel is safer, more reliable, and designed to meet the demand’s of modern technology and electricity use.

If your breaker trips often, the lights flicker, or there are physical signs of damage to the box, it’s probably time to upgrade.

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Signs That You Might Need a New Panel

  • Your home has 60- or 100-amp service
  • Your home has a split-buss or fuse block panel
  • Breaker trips often
  • You hear crackling sounds from the breaker box
  • Corrosion or rust on the breaker switches
  • You see melted wires inside the breaker box
  • Breaker box feels warm inside

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Our licensed electricians provide comprehensive electrical services for homeowners and businesses across Central PA, including Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and York Counties.

"We were having some fairly serious electrical issues and knew that we eventually wanted to upgrade our system. So, since the issues were there, we went ahead and corrected them and had the system updated all at the same time. Now we are having several other shoddy DIY projects, that we inherited, corrected. We are beyond impressed with the work that Darrel from Iddings Electric Inc is doing! If you need electrical work, give them a call."

Chelsea C. (Google review)